design services

the project life cycle



This department is responsible for contact and coorditation with other operators on the Sites

Site surveys


The first stage of the design phase necessary to perform the technological development

designing phase


This department is responsible for the comprehensive implementation of the design

structural analysis


Static calculations and documentation

bnetza department


Compliance with requirements, field safety in terms of electromagnetic radiation

as-built documentation


The last design phase


THE MITNUTZER-KOORDINATION OFFICE is responsible for exchanging correspondence with other operators available at the tele-stations. Its main task is to obtain necessary documentations, plans, calculations, acceptance of projects via e-mails or phone. Then it comes to reliable and regular running inner systems where we can find all the key-info for specific localizations. The last but not least is keeping the tele-station owner in touch with the workers.

design office

The Design Office is responsible for complexed implementation of development both in the technological way and structural. The Office shall prepare all documentations including the most up-to-date technologies but also in the most optimal constructional solutions. We do both small developments consisting mainly in swaping antennas and telecommunication racks. Full developments consisting in swaping telecommunication masts, constructions and technologies as well as project implementation of newly built tele-stations.

Site surveys

It is the first stage of each project. It's essential for the technological implementation of each development. We carry out both *individual visions* and visions with other operators. Photo documentation is essential for reliable implementation of each project development.

Static calculations & documentation

Static calculations and workshop drawings are an integral part of AP. We have appropriate software which do static calculations both for the new constructions and the existed ones that need rebuilding.

As-built documentation

The last stage of each project is to prepare all of the as-built documentations. We prepare project development both due to inventory done by our company but also by the other ones. Under that documentation, we create an As-built which is a project that is a real representation of technological-constructional works done on specific premises.

BNETZa office

Sites with planned occupacy can be activate only when they meet all the requirements of protection for people in the range of electromagnetic field radiated by radio frequency devices(RF). Radio Systems requiring certyification are rating by Federal Network Agency(BNetzA). Our company specialises in obtaining w/w essential acceptance via 3 different methods - traditional approach including measurments but also we run Wattwachter calculations. We provide STOB applications both as integral part of the designing process and as separate orders.